The Universal College Application is Now Live for the 2014-2015 Application Year

July 1, 2014

Applicants can now start to apply to First Year and Transfer programs for Fall 2015 and other terms at over 40 colleges, including 10 new institutions, using the Universal College Application (UCA) at

The UCA has added over 20 new colleges since last fall and added new features to the system based on feedback from its members. The UCA continues to focus on ease-of-use and access for both applicants and its participating institutions through its features, including:

For Colleges:

  1. Customizable Exports: to meet various data and reporting needs.
  2. Scheduled Exports: to reduce data processing time.
  3. College-Created Supplements: to capture the exact data a college needs.

For Applicants:

  1. Topic of Your Choice Essay Prompt: the main UCA essay can be entered online or uploaded as a PDF to give applicants the most freedom to represent themselves to colleges.
  2. Optional Additional Information Upload: to allow applicants to include relevant information not asked on the application.
  3. Intuitive Copy and Edit Functionality: to let applicants customize their applications for particular institutions.

As Sharon Alston, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment at American University, recently said, “A good college application process is one in which the candidate comes away believing that s/he had the means to put her/his best foot forward.”

Students interested in applying to the various participating institutions of the Universal College Application can begin the process right now at

The Universal College Application ( is an online admissions application system for prospective first year and transfer college students, which first launched in 2007, with a focus on providing great technology with excellent customer service. ApplicationsOnline, the team behind the UCA, was the original technology provider for the Common Application Online™, and has processed millions of applications for hundreds of educational institutions since the mid-nineties.

The UCA team can be reached at