5 More Colleges Join the Universal College Application – 23 New Members Since October 2013

June 25, 2014

Agnes Scott College, American University, Rice University, Utica College, and Vanderbilt University become the latest colleges to accept the Universal College Application (UCA) for the 2014-2015 application year.

Well known in the industry as the reliable, easy-to-use college application service focused on accessibility and customer service, the UCA is an easy choice for colleges.

“Rice University is pleased to announce our decision to become a member of the Universal College Application,” said Julie M. Browning, Dean for Undergraduate Enrollment at Rice University. “We believe that the expanded access and ease of use of the Universal College Application will be beneficial to many students, counselors, and teachers involved in the college search process. Offering a choice in application vendors is important to families, high schools, and to Rice. We believe everyone's best interests will be served by this choice.”

Sharon Alston, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment at American University also believes that offering a choice to applicants is crucial. “A good college application process is one in which the candidate comes away believing that s/he had the means to put her/his best foot forward. Sometimes this is best accomplished by giving students a choice of ‘tools.’ The Universal College Application provides students with an important choice in a very high stakes process.” stated Alston.

“Part of our focus has always been reliability and ease-of-use for all users but most importantly for those applicants who do not have additional guidance throughout the application process. That means providing features to help students easily and truly express themselves. Applicants can choose to upload an essay instead of typing it online. They can upload Additional Information, whether it’s a resume or something else they feel is essential to promoting themselves to the colleges. They can easily edit their application if they wish to submit different information to different colleges, such as an essay or major, and they can request recommendations from the same person or from different people,” said Brian Ejsmont, head of Product Development for the UCA. He continued, “The applicant can choose to do what is best for them.”

Dr. Jeffery Gates, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Utica College is excited to be joining. He said “Utica College is thrilled to join the Universal College Application. Utica is looking to expand our reach in terms of recruitment. We feel that the UCA is working hard to work with students and school counselors in the college application process. Their staff is eager to help students, school counselors and colleges by providing superior customer service through an easy to use platform. The UCA has been highly recommended as an application source by school counselors and Utica College is thrilled to be receiving our first UCA's this fall.”

The new 2014-2015 Universal College Application launches on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

For more information on the UCA, visit https://www.universalcollegeapp.com or contact the UCA team at applywithus@universalcollegeapp.com.

The Universal College Application (https://www.universalcollegeapp.com) is an online admissions application system for prospective first year and transfer college students, which first launched in 2007, with a focus on providing great technology with excellent customer service. ApplicationsOnline, the team behind the UCA, was the original technology provider for the Common Application Online™, and has processed millions of applications for hundreds of educational institutions since the mid-nineties.