University of Chicago Joins Universal College Application Membership for 2014-2015

February 18, 2014

After an application year fraught with significant online admissions application problems for many colleges and universities, the University of Chicago has announced months ahead of the next admissions cycle they will join the Universal College Application.

"We decided to announce we will join the Universal College Application for the next application year now because we want applicants, families, recommenders, and the Higher Education community to know of our commitment to providing them with an application option that is easy to use, reduces stress, and simplifies the process," said Jim Nondorf, Vice President for Enrollment at the University of Chicago. "We have been very happy with how easy it has been to work with the Universal College Application team."

"I have worked with Jim for many years and know of his significant commitment not only to his institution and applicants, but also to the Higher Education industry as a whole," said Joshua J. Reiter, Ed.D., president of ApplicationsOnline, the company that provides the UCA. "It is no surprise he and his team decided to assure applicants and counselors are provided with an effective and efficient online application process by joining the UCA. It is great to be working with him again."

Chicago joins over 40 other prestigious institutions, including Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, RPI, Tufts, Tulane, and Washington University in St. Louis, in using the UCA, an admissions application service known for the flexibility of its software and its brilliant levels of customer service.

A full list of UCA member colleges and more information can be found at Colleges interested in joining the UCA or learning more about it can contact the UCA team at

The Universal College Application (UCA) is an online admissions application system for prospective first year and transfer college students, which first launched in 2007, with a focus on providing great technology with excellent customer service. ApplicationsOnline, the team behind the UCA, was the original technology provider for the Common Application Onlineā„¢, and has processed millions of applications for hundreds of educational institutions since the mid-1990s.