Cornell University Joins the Universal College Application Membership

November 15, 2013

Today, Cornell University becomes the latest in a recent series of institutions to join the Universal College Application (UCA), providing students and counselors alike with an easy to use online admissions application service.

Jason Locke, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University said, "We are keenly aware of the anxiety prospective students face as application deadlines approach. In this critical moment, we feel a sense of responsibility to offer students and counselors a new path for submitting an admissions application. Adding the Universal College Application is an essential part of our response to that need, and in line with many of our most respected peer institutions. We've also been pleased with the speed and flexibility UCA has shown in getting Cornell into their application network."

Cornell joins Harvard, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Washington University in St. Louis, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI,) and Tulane, among others in the now 40 member consortium.

“We are pleased to welcome Cornell University as our newest member. I have worked with Jason and his staff in the past and my team and I look forward to providing Cornell with a successful online application service throughout the rest of the admissions season,” said Joshua J. Reiter, Ed.D., President of ApplicationsOnline, the company behind the Universal College Application.

Christopher Warner, who manages Business Development and Client Outreach at ApplicationsOnline added, “This continues the shift we have seen recently of colleges adding a working application option to relieve some of the stress students and counselors are feeling, which seems to be at a higher level than usual this year. We are proud to be helping these institutions.”

The flexible and user-friendly Universal College Application allows new members to be ready to accept applications in as little as 24 hours, providing students and counselors with an intuitive and functional online system to submit application materials to colleges and universities.

Locke continued, “For us, the admissions process is about assembling the best, most diverse, most creative, most energetic student body we can bring to Cornell, and making sure everyone has the tools and the time to reach us is the foundation to that entire effort. These steps should insure that we’re able to do that once again for the Class of 2018.”

The Universal College Application (UCA) is an online admissions application system for prospective first year and transfer college students, which first launched in 2007, with a focus on providing excellent technology and customer service. ApplicationsOnline, the team behind the UCA, was the original technology provider for the Common Application Online™, and has processed millions of applications for hundreds of educational institutions since the mid-1990s.