Washington University in St. Louis Rejoins the Universal College Application

October 25, 2013

Just this afternoon, Washington University in St. Louis became the fifth new member institution to join the Universal College Application this month, the others being Hampshire College, Princeton University, Trinity College, and Tufts University.

"Washington University in St. Louis is pleased to once again offer our prospective students the option of applying through the Universal College Application. It is our hope that offering this second application option will relieve the stress students and counselors are feeling as deadlines approach. We are pleased with the responsiveness of the Universal College Application as they facilitated a speedy launch of this additional application option.” said Julie M. Shimabukuro, Director of Admissions at Washington University in St. Louis.

“The UCA team is happy to have Washington University in St. Louis back as part of its membership. We have worked with Washington University in St. Louis for many years and are glad to be working with their great team again.” said ApplicationsOnline president Joshua J. Reiter, Ed. D.

Brian Ejsmont, head of Product Development at ApplicationsOnline, said the process to get the college back into the system was quick. “Thanks to their prompt responses to our setup questions we were able to get them up and running again in just a few hours today.”

Students interested in applying to Washington University in St. Louis through the UCA should visit https://www.universalcollegeapp.com/college/washington-university-in-st-louis. A full list of UCA member colleges and more information can be found at https://www.universalcollegeapp.com.

The Universal College Application (UCA) is an online admissions application system for prospective first year and transfer college students, which first launched in 2007, with a focus on providing excellent technology and customer service. ApplicationsOnline, the team behind the UCA, was the original technology provider for the Common Application Online™, and has processed millions of applications for hundreds of educational institutions since the mid-1990s.